Meet Yogacharya Dharmananda

Yogacharya Dharmanandaji is a direct disciple of H.H. Late Yoga Samrat Shri Vishvaguruji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar, who was the  Founder-President of International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Institute, Ved Niketan Dham, Swargashram, Rishikesh, India. Yogacharya Dharmanandaji shares his considerable expertise in:

  • The Science of Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Hindu Philosophy and  Spirituality
  • Tantra
  • Vedanta
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Yogacharya Dharmanandaji (lovingly addressed as 'Swamiji' ) had been the  director of the above Institute through November, 2010. 

Presently based in Longmont, Colorado, Swamiji is available for individual Yoga training, spiritual counseling and conducting lecture series and workshops. He holds regular events, classes and meditations at Longmont United Hospital, Senior Center Longmont and various yoga studios in Colorado. His specialty is bringing the ancient Yoga philosophical and psychological teachings to yoga teachers-in-training, a great addition to any training program! Swamiji's special gift is in making ancient wisdom relevant to our day-to-day challenges.