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Definition of God

Let us hope and pray, a proper rethinking within the Church, goes on to have a proper understanding of God. May be a few pages from the Ancient wisdom of India, Sanatan Dharma, may benefit them. Our idea God is Brahman, God is Shiva-Shakti, God is Sat chidananda. May they take a look at these wonderful, scientific, rational, conceptions of God in the Hindu tradition.
God is the Nameless, Formless, ultimate reality. Ultimate reality means that substance, that thing from which the whole universe of matter and energy come into existence. That substance is called Pure Consciousness. An infinite ocean of Pure Consciousness, the ultimate substance from which the Universe come into existence and again resolve back into it is Brahman or God. God's nature is Absolute existence, Absolute consciousness and absolute bliss. The whole universe come out of God as a spider's web come out of the spider. So the whole universe of name and form is an aspect of God. Everything within the universe is a self manifestation of God. Everything within the Universe both the light and the dark are aspects of God. God is the universe and has become everything in the universe. God alone is there is none apart from God. God has manifested Himself/Herself into infinite varieties, into infinte names and forms. All Name and all forms are His name and his form.
If we have this idea of God I am sure much of the hatred, violence that goes in the name of God will get reduced.