This Week's Schedule

Dear Radiant Atman, Eternal Immortal Blissful Light Beings

 Happy Easter

An Easter Prayer

(Paramahansa Yogananda)

Easter may bring its delights of traditional Easter lilies, gift bearing bunnies and variously decorated eggs. But I pray that, as you celebrate Christ’s celebration these be symbolic. Let the lily of Christ-wisdom open in purity in the garden of your soul; that you taste the sweetness of Christ-love in your heart and enjoy the infinitely colored eggs of its blessings of true happiness; and that, like the fast footed bounteous bunny, you may quicken your pace toward the Divine Home.

Pray to Christ the following prayer in the secret inner Temple of deep meditation

O Beloved Christ, Thou didst resurrect Thyself from the bondage of flesh, karma, ignorance and reincarnation to inspire us with Thine invisible omnipresent wisdom, that we may learn to resurrect the divine image within us from the bodily confinement and sense lures. From the miasma of doubt, resurrect our vision into the region of invincible understanding. From the atmosphere of mental smallness, teach us to resurrect our large heartedness in the kingdom of love for all.

From the darkness of delusion, resurrect us into the sphere of Thy lambent effulgence. From race and class prejudices teach us to resurrect our spirit of brotherhood in the oneness of universal union. Bless us, O Christ, that from this moment, we use our inner sense of intuition’s discrimination to follow all the mental, moral and spiritual laws by which we can resurrect our souls from the enthrallments of cosmic delusion into the everlasting freedom of God contact.

An Easter Message

May all true devotees of God, uplifted by the transparent purity of their lives, begin to radiate the Infinite Light, equally present in all, even as Jesus did and remember the long forgotten truth that we are all potential Sons of God.

May we all crucify our ignorance and hide-bound evil customs and rise from the tomb of narrowness into the openness of Cosmic Brotherhood. Resurrect our souls from the entombment of reincarnation.

When the body is crucified with disease, may we ascend into the consciousness of health.

When the mind is crucified with trials and temptations may we arise into the sphere of Self control.

When we are entombed in sorrow, may we resurrect ourselves into happiness.

When we are buried beneath restlessness may we resurrect our mind into continued calmness in deep meditative silence.

Our God love that has long remain hidden within us, crucified by our indifference, may we by daily deep meditation awaken the spiritual ardor and resurrect it into the consciousness of the Absolute Bliss.

May we resurrect our calmness from beneath the soil of restlessness, resurrect our wisdom from the enshrouding earthliness of ignorance; resurrect our love from beneath the sod of human attachment—with its limited love for family, society, and country—to divine love for all.


Workshop at Boulder (Sat Apr 27th)

Time: 10 to 1pm

Place: Caritas Spiritist Center, 5723 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303

Sub: On going lecture/meditation series on the immortal Spiritual Classic the Bhagavad Gita.     

1.      Cultivating Heightened Objective awareness, subjective awareness of a great void, maha shunya and a subjective awareness of a vast Fullness, Beingness, I am ness, filled with Light, love and bliss.

2.      Expanding Spiritual wisdom and insight. 

3.      The Law of miracles

       3. Understanding the karmic causes, or why does the Soul chose to place us in difficult situations of life.

       4. How to handle childhood abuses, neglect and/or personality disabilities.

       5. The different levels of life and existence after death of the human body.

       6. Nature of the supervising Intelligence that guides all life in all planes of existence.

       7. How to tune and benefits of tuning our human minds, with the supervising Intelligence.

Registration: 303-449-3066



This Week’s Teaching Schedule (22nd Apr – 28th Apr, 2019)



Meditation at Longmont

Time: 10 to 11.30 am

Place: Senior Center, 910 Long’s Peak Ave, Longmont, CO  80501

Subject: Gentle breathing exercises, creative visualization exercises, healing affirmations and silent meditation. Very good for those who are recovering from illness, have sleeping problems, are under stress and relationship problems.

Registration required—Call Front desk, Senior Center. 303-651-8411


Meditation at Loveland

Time: 5 to 7 pm        

Place: 5412 Misty Gull Ct, Loveland, CO 80537

Subject: Kriya Yoga meditation, So-Ham meditation, Mantra chanting, Creative visualization exercises, Healing affirmations, some selected Kundalini awakening techniques and silent meditation, making it a part of one’s daily Spiritual Sadhana.


FRIDAY (Every)

Meditation at Fort Collins

Time: 10 to 11.30

Place: Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Dr, Fort Collins CO  80526

Subject: Gentle breathing exercises, creative visualization exercises, healing affirmations and silent meditation. Very good for those who are recovering from illness, have sleeping problems, are under stress and relationship problems.

Registration required—Call Front desk, Senior Center 970-221-6644



SATURDAY (Cancelled, class at Caritas, see above)

Advanced Kriya Kundalini Yoga Sadhana

Please seek prior permission via E-mail:


First session:      10.30 to 12.30

Second session:    1 to 4 pm

Place: 5412 Misty Gull Ct, Loveland


First Session:

A systematic study of, The Science of yoga and meditation, the Hindu Philosophic thoughts linked with modern Scientific and New Age discoveries. Relevant stories from the great epics Ramayana, Mahabharata, the ancient Puranas.  Life stories of great modern Masters.

It is a ongoing lecture series. All are welcome. Every individual’s needs, queries and doubts will be addressed carefully.

I will use the TV to show beautiful video clips/video movies to give a wonderful depth to the lectures.


Second Session:

1. A set of specific yoga asanas, energization exercises and Yoga Nidra

2. Powerful breath work and and Kriyas

3.Powerful Mantra chanting.

4. Silent meditation for at least an hour.


Private Sessions: One-on-One Yoga Practice and Training

Each session one hour to an hour and half.

Available in the morning: 9 am to 12 noon.

Available in the afternoon: 2 pm to 8 pm.

Please contact for appointments.

1.      Personal Yoga Sadhana and Meditation

A systematic training module that includes selected asanas, breathing exercises, specific kriyas and meditation to suit one’s age, temperament medical and spiritual needs.

2.      Advanced Kriya Meditation Practice

It is a two hour long guided meditation practices. We practice Ashwini mudra, Jyoti mudra, Chakra anusandhan, Om chanting, visualization exercises, healing affirmations, past life memory stimulation exercises and silent meditation.

3.      Body work with Gentle Yoga

The body work begins, with a gentle massage of the soles of the feet, then working on the toes, the ankle joints, the calf muscles, simple hip joint exercises, exercising the lower back, the spine, the shoulders, the neck followed by head massage and ends with deep relaxation, breathing and short meditation.

Some likely benefits are release of emotional blocks from the muscles and organs of the body. Helps to heal relationship wounds. It is a good tool for nurturing and nourishing the emotional personality.

4.      Yoga Nidra

This is one of the best Relaxation exercise in the Science of Yoga. Practiced lying down in a calm comfortable posture. It helps in deepening meditation. It also helps quite a lot in reducing high BP, insomnia, and other forms of stress disorders. Since one aspect of the exercise involves accessing memory many childhood traumas, abuses, wrong upbringing and the pain of relationship wounds come up to the surface. Suppressed emotions of anger, guilt and shame also come up to the surface. These are then handled with present mature understanding and through forgetting and forgiving are released from the system. 

5.      Handling Human Relationship difficulties and Inner struggle through Spiritual methods.


Note: Please let me know if you do not want this information.