To Mataji...

Mata Santosh Bharti (Mataji) 

D/o Late Bhai Kishan Chand and Late Vidya Devi of Marada, Punjab 

Spiritual Successor of Late H.H. Shri Vishwaguruji Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar


International Vishwaguru Yoga Meditation Institute

Ved Niketan Dham, Swargashram, India

I wish to express my deep gratitude for the role you played in my inner transformation. You absorbed all my anger, irritability, harsh speech, and repeated wrong behavior, and never ever reacted harshly.

You were always very understanding, accepting, and forgiving. Your thirty-five years of unconditional personal service to Late Vishwaguruji Maharaj, your freedom from all ambitions and desires, and your deep state of abiding inner peace was a glowing example for me to imitate. I can never in anyway return the love and service you gave me for the past twenty-five years. I will always remain deeply indebted to you in every way. 

I am happy to see and experience the victory of Truth in your life. After a long and grueling ten years of court case, you are finally seated as the rightful successor. My heartfelt felicitations at your well deserved victory. May your life be a shining example of sincere service reaping its sweet reward.

To Bhartiji with Gratitude 

Dear Bhartiji on this b’day (13.4.03)

My heart is longing something to say;

In my life the role you played

Brought me much peace in words cannot be said.

 Many a conflicting desire and need

In my life I had to face;

As I struggled with my inner pain

Your presence was my only solace. 

Always comforting, always kind

Never reacting, never unkind;

For all future guidance upon you I look

With heart full of gratitude, to you I dedicate my book.